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What Are Same-Day Crowns?

A same-day crown is exactly what it sounds like: a dental crown that is completed within just one day. Here at our Mississauga dental practice, we have the technology that allows us to design and fabricate a dental crown within a single dental appointment. There’s no need for any messy dental impressions or fussy temporary crowns, and there’s no need to come back for multiple follow-up visits. The resulting tooth-coloured restoration looks perfectly natural and your tooth will be ready to go after just one dental appointment.

The technology we use is called the CEREC system, so same-day crowns are sometimes also called CEREC crowns. CEREC is a system that combines digital scanning technology and treatment planning software with an on-site milling machine that prints your crown right here on site.

The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Same-day dental crowns deliver all the benefits of regular crowns with a lot more convenience. The benefits include:

  • Save time. CEREC same-day crowns can be created in less than an hour. You only have to visit our practice one time to get your tooth capped.
  • No messy impressions. Same-day crown technology involves using a digital scanner to measure your tooth for a crown, so there are no traditional dental impressions.
  • No temporary crowns. There’s no need to go home for a week or two with a temporary crown that keeps popping off.
  • Less drilling. CEREC produces extremely precise metal-free restorations that we can bond tightly to teeth. This means your crown will be conservative and will require less drilling of your tooth.

Your Same-Day Crown Treatment

Here is what you can expect when we fit you for a same-day crown:

Preparing and Scanning Your Tooth

First, we will examine your tooth and then carefully remove any damaged areas to clean and prepare it. Preparing the tooth creates room for the crown to fit and prevents cracks or cavities from spreading deeper into your tooth. Next, the dentist will scan your teeth with the digital wand. 

Designing Your Crown

The scanning device captures a virtual map of your mouth which we can use on the computer to design your same-day crown. The technology allows the dentist to take precise measurements of your tooth to create a crown with the perfect fit. The design then goes off to our on-site milling machine which hews your crown out of a solid piece of durable tooth-coloured ceramic.

Placing Your Crown

When your crown is complete, your dentist will check the fit on your tooth. If everything looks and feels great, then your new crown will be bonded directly to your tooth, and you will be ready to go. 

The Cost of Same-Day Crowns in Mississauga

With insurance, your same-day dental crown might cost you around $200 to $600. Without insurance, the cost is closer to $800 or even $1,200. The total price varies from patient to patient because each case is influenced by different factors.

What determines the cost of your same-day crown?

  • Which tooth needs the crown
  • Whether you need other treatments or procedures to prepare your tooth to get a crown
  • The number of dental crowns you need
  • Whether your crown is a part of a multi-unit restoration, like a dental bridge

Visit us in person for a personalized treatment estimate. We can only provide you with an accurate quote for same-day dental crown treatment after we’ve had the chance to evaluate your dental health and review all of your potential treatment options.

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Before we can recommend a same-dental crown, we need to know what your dental health situation is like and what your aesthetic smile goals are. We’d like to meet with you in an initial consultation where we can examine your teeth and gums, check the fit of your bite, and get to know you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both types of crowns are very strong and durable. Regular dental crowns take time to create in a dental laboratory. They are the product of collaboration between a dentist and a dental technician, or ceramist. As a result, these crowns tend to be more detailed and lifelike, if they are made from a tooth-coloured material such as porcelain. A same-day crown is still dyed to blend in with your natural tooth colour, but because it is milled by an on-site machine, it can lack some of the more subtle details that a dentist and dental technician can create by hand. You can get a same-day crown placed on any tooth, but some patients prefer to get a traditional hand-designed crown if they need it to cover a highly visible tooth, such as an upper front tooth.

Yes, you can eat on the same day that you receive your CEREC same-day crown, but we recommend you avoid chewing on your newly crowned tooth for at least 24 hours. This is because the bond will continue to set and strengthen during that time. After that, you can eat normally again, chewing with both sides of your mouth.

Yes! A same-day CEREC crown is made from a piece of ceramic which is naturally white, and we will dye it to make sure that it perfectly matches the hue of your natural teeth. Traditional hand-crafted dental crowns made with porcelain can be even more lifelike, however, so you may choose to have a regular crown if you need to restore a highly visible tooth like one of your front teeth. When you visit our practice, we will review your restorative options with you to help you decide on the best type of crown.

No, you will be perfectly comfortable during your same-day crown appointment. Just like we do when placing regular crowns, we will administer a local anaesthetic to numb the treatment area before preparing your tooth. This ensures that you won’t feel any pain during your treatment. As with any dental treatment, however, a little postoperative soreness is typical when the anaesthesia wears off. This discomfort is minimal and temporary, and we’ll explain what you can do to prevent it.

As with any other dental crown that has been tightly bonded to your tooth, your same-day crown can last you for 10 years or even longer. You will get the most out of your crown if you take great care of it by brushing and flossing around it daily.

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