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Composite Fillings—Conservative, Healthy, and Beautiful

The classic and reliable dental filling is the most common dental treatment and your first line of defence in the fight against a growing cavity. A filling can repair a hole left in your tooth by dental decay and give your tooth a smooth surface and healthy appearance. 

Our Mississauga dentists place only tooth-coloured composite resin fillings. Composite fillings are made from a material which is a blend of glass particles and polymer. This metal-free combination makes the fillings blend in perfectly with the surrounding tooth enamel. Additionally, composite fillings form a strong chemical bond with the tooth, and this means that less drilling is needed to securely place the filling.

Why Get a Filling?

Like many others, you may dread the prospect of visiting the dentist to get a dental filling. You might even wonder whether treatment is even necessary if you’ve been told you need a filling but your tooth doesn’t hurt. 

Despite any hesitations you may have, getting a filling when recommended is the wise thing to do for the following reasons:

  • Filling a cavity now prevents it from becoming painful, if it doesn’t already hurt.
  • Treating decay with a filling now can help you avoid the need for more comprehensive treatment later, such as dental crowns or root canal treatment.
  • Filling a cavity can help you prevent painful and dangerous infections like dental abscesses.
  • Stopping decay in one tooth prevents it from spreading to other teeth.
  • Getting a filling can help you extend the lifespan of your natural tooth.

How We Place Tooth-Coloured Dental Fillings

Getting a composite filling is a safe and predictable dental treatment that can have you on your way to smiling with pride. Here’s how we will help you treat a decayed tooth and place your filling.

Gentle Anesthetic Administration

Numbing your tooth is the first step we take. We will carefully administer local anaesthesia in the treatment area, and we’ll make sure that you are completely comfortable before we begin working. Once the anesthetic takes effect, you won’t feel any pain while we place the filling.

Placing Your Filling

Next, the dentist will prepare your tooth by trimming away the diseased and damaged tissues to create an area that’s smooth and healthy and free of infection. The dentist will apply a bonding agent to your tooth, mix the composite resin material to match your tooth colour, and then place the composite in your tooth.

Curing Your New Filling

In this last step, the dentist will carefully shape your filling to match the contours of your tooth and then cure it with a special LED light that sets the bond. The dentist will polish the filling and make any needed adjustments to ensure that it feels comfortable and natural when you bite down on it.

The Cost of a Composite Filling in Mississauga

Because dental fillings are routine treatments and essential to dental health, they are covered quite generously by dental insurance. You may have to pay nothing at all for your treatment, or you may have to pay up to $100 if you owe a portion of your treatment expense. Without insurance, you may pay around $120 to $300 for composite fillings in Mississauga.

The cost of your dental filling treatment depends on multiple factors like:

  • The number of fillings you need
  • Which tooth or teeth need to be filled
  • How large the filling is
  • What kind of diagnostic imaging you need to detect cavities and plan the restoration
  • Whether you need any adjunctive services or treatments in addition to the fillings

Getting a dental filling could be your key to keeping your teeth healthy and pain-free, and we do everything possible to make the dental filling treatment an accessible and comfortable procedure. If you suspect that you have a tooth in need of treatment, we’re ready to help!

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Before our dentists can diagnose you and place a dental filling, they need to take a careful look at your mouth. Your initial visit to our practice includes a thorough dental exam and oral cancer screening. Your Mississauga dentist will review the findings of the evaluation with you and let you know if treatment like a composite filling can help you reach your dental health goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you take good care of your fillings and have them checked by a dentist once or twice per year, they can last you for ten years or even longer.

The Canadian Dental Association has cleared silver-coloured fillings as safe for use in treating tooth decay. Scientific studies do not show that metal fillings are harmful. Because traditional metal fillings contain an amalgam of materials that includes mercury, some people choose to avoid them. We do not place silver fillings here in our Mississauga dental practice.

While you can safely use an over-the-counter product to temporarily repair a cavity or damaged tooth, we recommend you see a dental professional as soon as possible to get more reliable treatment. Your decayed tooth could have cavity-causing bacteria, and the infection needs to be treated before permanently sealing your tooth with a filling, and this can only be done safely by a dentist. If you use a temporary over-the-counter DIY filling in a pinch, however, make sure the product you choose is designed for teeth, and don’t try using any other adhesive materials you have in your home.

If your toothache is so severe that you can’t even sleep or eat, then call us right away and we will see you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can get some relief by placing a cold compress against your cheek on the side affected by the toothache. You can also try gently rinsing the sore spot in a warm saltwater solution. You can also take the same pain-relieving medication you would normally take for a headache. Make sure that you follow your doctor’s recommendations for using pain-relieving medication and always follow the instructions listed on the medication packaging. Keep a record of how much medication you took and when and be prepared to share this note with us when you come in for your appointment.

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