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Dental Cleanings: Treat Dental Problem Before They Start

Very few people look forward to having dental treatment. Even some very experienced dentists get nervous when it’s their turn to sit in the chair! You may dread visiting the dentist because you want to avoid the discomfort or perhaps even the cost. But did you know that visiting your dentist once every six months could help you stay out of the treatment chair? Regular cleanings and checkups can freshen your breath and help you maintain optimal oral health so that you can avoid the need for dental treatment altogether. 

A few of the other benefits of a professional dental cleaning include:

  • Removal of hard tartar deposits that your toothbrush can’t remove
  • Removal of stubborn coffee or tea stains
  • Removal of plaque from those hard-to-reach places
  • Therapeutic effect on gum health
  • A thorough check of the integrity of your current dental fillings

Your Teeth Cleaning at Tomken Dental: What to Expect

A Gum Health Check

Your gums are just as important as your teeth since they play a key role in protecting, supporting, and nourishing your teeth. We will thoroughly check your gums during your visit with us to see if there are any signs of gum disease. If there is some inflammation, then the professional cleaning can help soothe that, and we’ll explain what you can do at home to bring your gums back to a state of health.

Scale and Polish

In the main part of the cleaning, the hygienist will carefully remove hard tartar deposits with dental instruments and then polish your teeth to get rid of stains and soft sticky plaque. While the hygienist works, he or she will let you know if there are any parts of your mouth that need a little more attention when you brush and floss. Your teeth will look and feel shiny and squeaky-clean after your cleaning!

Dental Health Exam

At some point during your cleaning appointment, you will meet with the dentist to have your teeth checked. The dentist will look for signs of tooth decay or damage to your teeth or dental restorations, screen you for oral cancer, examine any dental X-rays that are taken, and let you know if there’s a matter that needs attention. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions and express your concerns about your oral health. Before you leave, we’ll share with you a summary of the findings of your visit and give you tips on preventing oral disease and keeping your mouth healthy at home.

The Cost Of Teeth Cleaning In Mississauga

Most dental insurance providers completely cover the cost of one dental cleaning and exam visit every six months. But if you do not have insurance, then it could cost you anywhere from $120 to $300, depending on what treatments and diagnostic imaging you need during your appointment.

The cost of your dental cleaning will be affected by a few key factors like:

  • The state of your oral health
  • Whether you need any new dental X-rays
  • How long your cleaning takes
  • How long it has been since your last cleaning
  • How much tartar has built up on your teeth

Professional dental cleanings and checkups are key to helping you save money that may otherwise be spent on restorative dental treatment in the future. We strongly encourage you to make the most of preventive dental treatments so that you can enjoy a comfortable and healthy smile for life.

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Your first visit to our office is a special opportunity for us to get to know you and learn about your dental health goals. We will carefully examine your teeth, gums, and the fit of your bite so that we can make sure nothing goes by unnoticed, and then we will provide you with a thorough dental cleaning to help your smile sparkle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people need to visit the dentist once every six months for a cleaning and checkup. Sometimes, more frequent visits are necessary to monitor certain oral health conditions. If your mouth is exceptionally healthy, then you may be able to go longer than six months between your visits.

If you have a dental emergency, then it probably cannot wait until your next checkup. You can call us right away to book an emergency visit. Just as dental cleanings can help you prevent dental problems, treating a dental concern early while it’s small can help you avoid the need for major treatment, so we want to see you promptly to help you.

Yes, we still want to check your mouth on a regular basis even if you don’t have any natural teeth left. If you wear a denture, then we will carefully check the fit of your denture, examine the health of your gums and jawbone, and review your oral hygiene routine. We will also give your denture a thorough professional cleaning.

It normally takes around 30 minutes to clean one person’s teeth, but this time can vary depending mainly on how much tartar and plaque there is to remove. When you visit us for your cleaning appointment, we ask that you plan to be here for about an hour as your appointment will include a dental health checkup by the dentist.

Controlling plaque growth is the first step in preventing tartar buildup as plaque hardens into tartar if it isn’t removed regularly. Make sure that you are brushing your teeth at least twice per day and flossing daily. A mouthwash recommended by the dental hygienist can also help. If you suffer from heavy tartar buildup, then we may recommend that you have a professional dental cleaning once every three or four months to help you keep up.

Yes, your teeth will be ready to go right back to work after you have them professionally cleaned. However, you should wait at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything if you’ve had a fluoride treatment since you don’t want to rinse the fluoride away while it’s most active on your teeth.

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Jessie Scandlan

If you're looking for a new dentist look no further! I am completely satisfied with the staff's organization and the quality of work that is provided by the dentists, and the gentleness of the hygienists. The front desk works with your schedule and is very polite. I been coming here for years and NEVER had an issue with my teeth. Thank you for the quality service always.

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Best dental experience ever! Especially during this pandemic, I felt very comfortable knowing that they are following strict protocols, doing patient screenings, and checking temperatures prior to my arrival. They made me feel at ease. Very clean and everyone in their office wears their PPE’s. They make you wait in your car instead of in the office and when they are ready to bring you in they come out and give you excellent customer service, holding the doors for you. Thank you, guys!


I’ve been coming to this office for years and can honestly say they put patients first. They are knowledgeable in their field and make sure you are completely informed and comfortable before moving ahead with dental work. The staff are friendly and genuinely caring. Even my young child is happy with her experience. I highly recommend Tomken Dental!

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