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What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic restorative procedure in which a dentist carefully paints layers of composite resin material onto your tooth to give it a new finish. Composite resin is the same material used in composite fillings. When the dentist bonds your teeth, he or she applies the material to chipped or roughened parts of your tooth to make it smooth and whole again. “Bonding” is the process of curing the composite material so that it creates a durable chemical bond with your tooth enamel.

Often a suitable alternative to orthodontic treatment or dental veneers, dental bonding is a conservative and non-invasive treatment that can help you conceal cracks or spots on the edges of your teeth or even reshape your teeth to close gaps and make your smile look more even.

What Makes Dental Bonding Different?

It’s true that you have several options to choose from when you enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry, and bonding is just one of multiple popular treatments. To find out which treatment is best-suited to your aesthetic smile goals and oral health needs, you’ll have to visit with our Mississauga dentist. Our team will help you explore all of your options so that you can make the right choice.

Here are some of the unique benefits of dental bonding:

Fast and comfortable

There’s usually no need for any drilling or numbing injections when you get dental bonding. This is because bonding is a quick and non-invasive procedure. The dentist simply reshapes your tooth by moulding some tooth-coloured putty around the damaged areas. The treatment is completed within just a few minutes, and you will stay perfectly comfortable the entire time.


Because bonding involves applying composite resin directly to your tooth, there are no dental laboratory fees. Other restorations that are created outside the mouth and later cemented in place can cost a lot more, and this makes dental bonding a more affordable alternative. Additionally, bonding can sometimes be used to close up gaps between teeth instead of straightening them, which is another way you could save money.

Minimal yet effective

Bonding your teeth doesn’t require making major changes to them since there is little to no drilling involved. While most dental treatments can permanently alter your teeth, bonding is much more conservative in comparison. Even if your bonding chips off many years down the road, the underlying tooth structure will be unaffected. Best of all, a little goes a long way when it comes to dental bonding. It only takes a small amount to correct a tiny flaw in your smile, and this can have a massive impact on your confidence in the appearance of your smile.

Dental Bonding: The Process

Here is what you can expect when you visit our Mississauga practice for dental bonding:

Preparing your tooth

First, we will isolate your tooth with dental film to prevent the treatment materials from getting on your other teeth. The dentist will then lightly polish your tooth to clean it and then dry it off. Next, the dentist will apply a conditioner to the area that will receive the bonding to lightly etch your tooth and prepare it to create a tight seal with the bonding material.

Applying the bonding material

The dentist will rinse and dry your tooth to remove the etching gel and then start applying layers of composite material to your tooth. The bonding is placed and cured in layers to create a durable finish that mimics the translucency of natural tooth enamel. 

Finishing touches

After the bonding has set, the dentist will polish it to a finish that blends seamlessly with the rest of your tooth. Your dentist will also check that the bonded area fits comfortably with the rest of your bite, feels natural, and doesn’t get caught on floss when you clean between your teeth. You’ll also get the chance to check the finished results in a mirror to see how you like it. When your bonding is done by a skilled dentist, your tooth will look so good that you may eventually forget which tooth was repaired. We won’t forget, however. We’ll keep careful records of your dental bonding so that we can carefully check it at each future dental checkup.

Cost of Dental Bonding In Mississauga

In general, dental bonding costs about $300 to $600 out of pocket. But as dental bonding is often necessary to repair a tooth after minor damage, it’s usually covered by dental insurance. If you have dental coverage, then you may pay only $60 to $120 for your dental bonding.

Some of the factors that can determine the cost of your dental bonding treatment include:

  • How many teeth need dental bonding
  • Which teeth need bonding
  • Whether you need X-rays or other diagnostic or adjunctive services during your treatment
  • The size of the area needing repair with dental bonding
  • Whether you need any treatments to restore the health of your mouth before getting dental bonding

We can give you an accurate estimate of the cost of your dental bonding treatment after you meet with us for a full dental examination. After checking your teeth, we’ll be able to let you know which factors will affect the cost of your care.

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During your first visit with us, we’ll talk with you to find out what you would like to accomplish with dental bonding. We’ll review all of your treatment options and explain which ones will help you reach your smile goals. Your first visit is also a crucial opportunity for us to examine your mouth and gather information on the health of your teeth and gums. Once we know what your smile needs, we’ll work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental bonding usually lasts at least five years, but it has the potential to stay in place for upwards of ten years. Bonded areas are more superficial than regular composite fillings, so the material is more likely to chip away or fall out over time. Protect your dental bonding to help it last you as long as possible by keeping your teeth clean and healthy and avoiding biting down directly onto hard objects with your bonded teeth.

Dental bonding isn’t permanent, unfortunately, but it can last you a very long time, provided you take good care of it. Additionally, it doesn’t cost much to reinforce, repair, or replace dental bonding as needed.

Veneers and bonding are two different treatments, but they can achieve similar results. A veneer is usually made in a dental lab and it covers the entire front of a tooth. Bonding is the direct application of composite material to one edge or corner of a tooth. There are significant cost differences, as well. One procedure is not necessarily better than the other, however. It simply depends on how much of your tooth you need to change and how much you’re willing to invest in your smile.

No, dental bonding is not harmful to teeth. It’s a non-invasive and minimal treatment, so the dentist will alter extremely little tooth enamel, if any, in order to apply the bonding. This means that in the event that your bonding chips off, the tooth underneath will be just fine. If anything, bonding has the potential to protect the health of your tooth as it makes it smooth and whole, which can help prevent decay and further damage.

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